What’s included in the Monthly Fee?

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You’re an Entrepreneur and you need an IT Manager? Not everyone can afford a full-time IT Guy. So we want to be that IT Guy for $9.95* per month! So what’s included? A FULL Cyber-Security Suite including: 

  • Scan & Clean: Regular scans for viruses and malware.
  • Layered Protection that automatically blocks programs that appear to be new (unclassified) viruses or malware.
  • Anti-ransomware: Our constant monitoring of your computer alerts us to ransomware-type activity and puts a stop to it. 
  • Web Security: Bad websites are just blocked. Even if you happen upon a site accidentally, EMSISOFT uses it’s Enterprise-quality tools to prevent an attack before it happens.
  • Remediation: Should you get infected, we have the tools to help recover your data. While we can’t guarantee you’ll never get infected, we work hard to stop everything within our power. See FarGeek Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

Other Pricing:

  • Discounts apply on the monthly fee of $9.95* per computer for quantity or bundled contracts. Contact Us for details.
  • The first 10 minutes is FREE. As soon as we determine the course of action, we’ll give you a labor quote and time estimate.
  • Remote Technical help beyond the first 10 minutes is $96/hr billed in 15 minute increments with 30 minutes minimum. 
  • No surprises – we always let you know what to expect to pay.